Our Story

Josh Kaeter - Founder/Roaster
Eminent was born through a love for really good coffee, and an undying desire to figure out how it is created. Early mornings and late night operations while serving in the Marine Corps led to the search for a better source of caffeine. Rather than drinking foreign energy drinks with who knows what inside the can, coffee seemed a reasonable alternative. Years after leaving active duty and many mediocre coffees later, I saw an opportunity with a local cafe/roaster and asked if they would bring me on staff, specifically to learn how to roast. I learned everything I could from my mentors, and continued self educating to become as proficient as I could behind the roaster. The roast profile is only part of the final product however and once you dial that in, you start searching for higher quality coffee to roast, better green coffee. This avenue opens a whole other world, literally, as your search for high quality green coffees will lead you all around the globe. In that search and subsequent travels, the idea for Eminent was born in the Jungles of Panama in early 2021 while on an origin trip. Spending time on a coffee farm, getting to know the producer, and roasting coffee right there on the farm with them, solidified my passion for good coffees and this industry. This adventure is meant to share my coffee experiences with other people, my local community, and hopefully the rest of the world. Through education, discussion, and the constant strive to improve, I just want to share beautiful coffees with my community. All while also assuring that the producers that are growing these amazing lots are getting not only the fairest price for their product, but recognition and praise for the beautiful coffees they produce. 

The Roastery

We moved into our current roasting space in June of 2022. Located at 331 4th Ave South in Sartell, this location is a continuing work in progress. After getting the building up to local code and moving the roaster into the building, we have been slowly outfitting the location into our dream roasting set up. 

We do have future plans for a small cafe space at this location as well, which will be followed closely through our social media pages.