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Eminent Coffee Roasters

Honduras/Marcala Project

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Tastes Like: Cocoa, Brown Sugar, Juicy Peach

Region: Comayagua, Honduras

Process: Natural, Double Fermentation

Altitude: 1450 MASL



This coffee is first fermented after harvest in GrainPro bags for 24 hours before being placed into sealed barrels for another 48 hours, Double Fermented. After 72 hours of fermentation, the coffee is placed on raised drying beds, while still in the cherry to air dry until they reach the proper moisture content. By drying in the cherry, the seeds pick up the “Natural” fruitiness from the cherry, producing a brighter and juicier cup. This coffee only gets better as it cools, as the Juicy Peach tasting notes become more pronounced with time to rest.

This Yellow Bourbon varietal comes to you from the Marcala Project farm in La Paz, Honduras. De La Finca purchased this farm in 2019 as a stand alone, 3 hours away from their families other farms. They use this location to perfect and expand their production expertise, as well as an experimental platform to discover and perfect new production and processing techniques, that they then help instill onto their other partnered producers in Honduras.

De La Finca was created in 2013 by Nelson Raul Amador, a 5th generation Honduran coffee farmer. Nelson started De La Finca Coffee Importers with the intention of supporting his family and other small coffee producers from his home country of Honduras while also actively building partnerships with roasters around the USA. Now based out of Raleigh, NC, De La Finca focuses on specialty Honduran coffees as well as sourcing and importing many other countries of origin, to include Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru.

DLF proudly import certified Fair Trade and Organic coffees and also partner with other coffee producers beyond their own family members including female-owned and operated farms. Through this supply chain model, they not only are able to empower and connect both farmers and roasters but are also able to reinvest in local coffee growing communities through long-term school projects and initiatives, realizing the long-term vision for sustainable and independent communities.

De La Finca also pride themselves on a majority of their offerings not only holding USDA Organic certifications, but Bird Friendly certifications as well, ensuring a mix of foliage cover, tree height, and biodiversity that creates quality habitat for birds and other wildlife.